Onderstaande update hebben we van Frank Tamale ontvangen naar aanleiding van de gift van de Hofstee stichting en Aelbregstfonds aan Amazing Grace Community School. Het laat zien dat alle support welkom is maar ook dat we er nog lang niet zijn en er nog veel nodig is, we blijven ons inzetten voor dit mooie project.



On behalf of Amazing Grace Community School, we are so much thankful indeed for the support you rend to us; “We are humbled and so grateful”.

Due to your support, there is a relieve observed; Children are now sitting on desks, our teachers got some sits and most of all in bits by your support we managed to start up some classrooms, so now there is hope of a change that children and the community have started seeing. God bless you so much indeed for this love. However we have a request from you please, to help join us in effort to roof these classrooms at least in bits for so far have reached here; This will save our children from heavy started rains that hit them while in their temporary classes that are getting old. This will also save the structure from being weakened by heavy rains. In all, thank you so much indeed. Hope to hear from you dears.


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